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The K24 is another member of the Honda K engines family. This 2. K24 engine design is similar to the 2. Honda used the K24 as a fresh alternative for the old F23A engine. Like the K20, the K24A has an aluminum cylinder block with cast iron. The engine got the new crankshaft with increased by 13 mm stroke, and cylinders were bored out by 1 mm. That gave a cc gain in displacement. K24A block has a deck height of Of course, the K24 has different pistons the height has remained and connecting roads.

The cylinder head design stayed untouched: it's made from aluminum, 16 valves four valves per cylinderdual overhead camshaft, central-located spark plugs with individual coils coil-on-plugsand i-VTEC system.

The chain-driven intake and exhaust camshafts open and close valves via roller rocker arms without hydraulic tappets. The periodic valve clearances adjustment is needed. The base K24A1 version was produced from to It was a start line for the all K24 engine series. This power unite had the i-VTEC on the intake camshaft only. The intake valve diameter is 35 mm, exhaust valve - 30 mm; valve stem diameter is 5.

It was equipped with a variable geometry intake manifold Honda's 2-stage PPA intake manifold made from aluminum and composite material and a 60 mm throttle body. The engine uses an electronic multi-port fuel injection system with cc fuel injectors.

k24a4 build

The K24A1 had the lowest compression ratio between others in the series - 9. There was one more mass-market modification in the engine range - the K24A4. This engine has its own pistons and increased compression ratio up to 9. The K24A4 was slightly upgraded in and got a new index - K24A8. The new engine was equipped with am electronic throttle body and an RTB intake manifold. With the following changes, the engine was able to fit in the more stringent environmental standard.

Besides those regular engines, the K24A series also includes the true Honda's performance unit for their sporty models. First of all, the K24A2 has a deeply revised bottom end. The engine block came with dual balance shafts, a forged crankshaft, reinforced connecting rods, and lightweight pistons.

The compression ratio rose to The full performance i-VTEC system is applied for both intake and exhaust camshaft. Cam specs by itself are more aggressive. The engine breathes a lot better thanks to a high-flow exhaust header and a 1-stage RBB intake manifold with the enlarged throttle valve 60 mm.

It also uses a drive-by-wire throttle and has EGR castings on the manifold. It has an 80 mm air intake duct, new intake camshaft specifications, 36 mm intake valves, and 64 mm throttle body.

The 2. Those engines produced hp and lb-ft Nm of torque. The new 2. The oil filter has been relocated to the lower center portion of the block. Inside, there are a forged-steel crankshaft and an internal balancer unit.Take for instance the late model K series engine. This is slightly better power and much better torque than the much acclaimed bone stock K20A2 that everyone knows and loves. However, the modification potential of the K24Z7 is infinitely less than the older motor.

These production changes were probably done to reduce the cost of the engine and improve emissions. Making torque and power through gains in displacement and sacrificing the free revving goodness that the K engine was known for. With a 2. When turbocharged the engine could produce hp in very super streetable pleasant to drive form on pump gas. Now the question is, can we do this on a late model engine with off the shelf, easily obtainable parts without any exotic work and one off custom parts?

We think so and we asked the folks at Motovicity to help us. We pitched our idea at them, to build the ultimate late model K motor with these constraints. Motovicity not only thought this was a great idea but also opened their entire inventory for us to pick and choose from.

Check it out! Very good write up I just wondered when you switched heads do you have to use k20 head parts or can you use the k24 parts in the new head?

K24 Engine Build Start To Finish - The Best 4 Cylinder Ever Made

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Posted on May 20, July 2, by Mike Kojima. We started our build with brand new parts fresh from Honda. Not an inexpensive process at all. We initially considered the K20A2 head but were concerned about having to deal with oil passage and head gasket compatibility for the VTEC system which controls lift, duration and phasing of the intake cam unlike the stock head that has VTEC and variable phasing only on the intake side.

This is the head found on the Honda Civic Si.

It has VTEC on both the intake and exhaust with variable phasing on the intake side.Here is the list of parts with prices used for our budget K-series engine swap. After the list is a description of the parts and possible alternatives. Our patient, a Honda Civic hatchback.

It's on the operating table about to receive a transplant. The website car-part. If you use the website you can often find better deals than the ones listed below.

Had we used the best prices found on car-part. You may get lucky in your area. A lot of the really good prices are listed at the east coast salvage yards. Another possible money saver is buying a complete K-series swap. One of he biggest expenses for a K swap is the engine. It even came with a clutch and flywheel. That could add money to your swap. Your budget K-swap engine choices. That means engines, trans, ECU, wiring harness, and alternator. Alternatives: The Honda Element came with the exact same engine as the Accord.

If you can find a Element and maybe talk the salvage yard into including the engine harness too. Again if you can get it with a harness, the increased price might make it worthwhile. And they do have 40 more horsepower. Another possible bank breaker for our budget K-series is the transmission.

Here are some options that cost a fraction of a Type S six speed trans. One of the big advantages of using an Accord transmission is using the Accord shifter and cables.The series launched in The engines stand out for friction-reducing technology and electronically controlled ignition timing.

All are four-stroke, four-cylinder engines. They are all made with short-block engines and sleeves made of cast iron. These engines replaced the previous B series.

The K24 engine from Honda is last in the K-Series. Its production years in the US ranged from to It was used by Honda as a more advanced, efficient, and powerful engine.

k24a4 build

In fact, cars equipped with these engines can easily reach six digits on the odometer, surpassing other brands for reliability and performance. In comparison to other Honda engines, the K24 stands out for its better exhaust flow, increased air intake flow, fortified connecting rods, and an updated crankshaft with additional counterbalanced weight.

k24a4 build

The engine is made with oversize intake valves sized 1 mm and larger and a lift lobe on the intake cam with over 12 degrees of additional duration and 0. Depending on the intake engine, the radius on select intake pipes was widened from 70 to 80 mm. Despite the fact that this engine is tough and long-lasting, it is not without problems. One main component on the engine that can fail is the timing chain sensor. The problem started to develop when the company switched timing belts to connect the crankshafts with the camshafts.

Budget K Series Engine Swap – The Parts List

Closing the gap of the piston by bringing it closer to the chain by a single tooth is the easiest solution to the problem, but it might not be a permanent solution. Other issues with this engine include that the camshaft can wear out easily and the idle is sometimes rough. Leaking engine oil has also been reported, which makes keeping up with regular oil changes essential to maintaining proper health of the Honda K The stock power output for the engine can reach HP.

Of course, many vehicles equipped with a K24 engine stick with a naturally aspirated engine setup. Another recommendation for modification is replacing the head of the K24 with that of the KSeptember 06, 8 min read Tech Articles 2 Comments. This engine buildup consists of a 2.

There are 4 different chassis from which you can locate a bottom end as Honda releases more K24 engines this list may be updated. Honda CRV comes in with 9. The motor is rated at hp at rpm and lbs-ft at rpm. Instead it only has 2 cam lobes on the intake side and 1 on the exhaust lobe. This motor has no VTEC mechanism on the exhaust cam and runs on 12 valves before rpm with the other 4 slightly opening.

It also has smaller ports than the Type S and Type R. The motor also comes with a 5 speed transmission instead of the 6 speed and has no LSD. The Acura TSX comes in with This motor uses a drive by wire throttle and has EGR castings on the manifold.

This motor comes with a 6 speed transmission and no LSD. The Honda Element and Accord come in with 9. If using a K24a4 block the pistons will need to be swapped with aftermarket or a1, a2 pistons to avoid valve to piston contact. This engine is found in the Honda Accord and Honda Element. Is has the same 9. It only has 2 cam lobes on the intake side and 1 on the exhaust lobe.

This motor also comes with an available 5 speed transmission and 5 speed auto. This engine shares the same downfalls with the K24A4 engines as the pistons will contact the K20 cylinder head. This engine is found in the Honda CR-V. It has the common 9. This will interfere with a manual transmission using a traditional intermediate shaft. You must use a block off plate, an oil filter relocation kit use all parts from the K24A series engine to place the oil filter to the upper position you will also need to plug an oil port on the girdle as well as change to a K20A2 oil pump.

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k24a4 build

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K20/K24 Hybrid Engine Build Guide

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